• Jeff Lindsey

The 8 Coolest Gifts Under $50 To Get The Hunter In Your Family That Has Everything!

We all have that hunter or huntress in our life who is tough to buy for, matter of fact, downright impossible to think of something creative that they might actually use and appreciate for a change! I've been there, I know the feeling and the closer it gets to Christmas, the more stressful it is! Well this year, we are here to make your life easier and maybe give you a few ideas that will be easy on the wallet.

I have came up with 8 gifts that are under the $50 mark and I don't know a hunter alive that wouldn't be happy with most of them, if not all of them! (Click on the pic for the links)

Nativ Nurseries Seedlings
Sawtooth Oak Tree

The first gift on the list is one that truly keeps on giving, Sawtooth Oak seedlings, our favorite tree on the planet! Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries sells 10" seedlings for $3.69 each, 10 of them would be a great start to a whitetail heaven of an orchard. I can't begin to tell you the success we have had hunting over sawtooths every September that we planted just a few years ago on our GA farm. The drawing power when these trees are dropping trumps any and all other food sources. Every winter we make it a point to put in new orchard or two to ensure the future generations will be able to enjoy the drawing power of oak trees! 10 trees could be planted in just a few hours on your farm, lease or even in your back yard!

Dead Ringer - Easy Go Bow Sling

The second gift was truly a game changer in the mountains this year on our two elk hunts. The Dead Ringer- Easy Go Bow Sling retails for $32.65 on Amazon and to be honest, I am not sure why it took us 10 years of elk hunting to realize we needed to start carrying a bow sling! A must for every bowhunter, slips on and off in seconds and protects your string at all times. Also, if you dont carry a pull rope with you to your tree stand, just throw the sling and bow over your back and climb right up!

Gamekeeper Shooting Rest

Gift number three is one I used for the first time this past Friday morning in Illinois, but it paid for itself on the first hunt! The Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Shooting Rest, very steady and solid, just in time for late season sits in box and ground blinds. It fits perfect over any window on a blind, the rail to a ladder stand, or just right as an extra rest on the range, plus it comes in Mossy Oak Bottomlands, (the coolest pattern ever) so you can't go wrong!

The next gift is the best wind detection device I've ever used no doubt! It leaves no mess, gives a true reading and who doesn't love to be able to squeeze a grenade and vape at the same time!

Scent Crusher Grenade

$29.99 on Bass Pro Shops is a pretty good buy. Scent Crusher was giving these out at the ATA and mine is still going strong on the original cartridge!

My fifth gift idea is brand new to the market this year and one EVERYBODY can use! The Hooyman Ratchet Pruner 2-n-1 will tackle limbs and also has a fold out saw in its all aluminum frame to be able to handle whatever situation you may find yourself in. I always keep one in my pack as well as my camera man, they are quiet and do a great job keeping shooting and filming lanes open for business! I found it on Midway USA for $29.99 with free shipping. Perfect stocking stuffer!

Full Range Hanging System
Double Hanger

Gift idea six, The Full Range Hanging System Double Mount. We have given a few of these away on social media and they have been a HUGE hit. They come in single and double mounts but we really like the double because you can change up the trophy room or man cave by adding 2 deer side by side for a unique look. If the hunter in your life has a mount of the wall, he WILL want one of these, I can promise you that! They are on sale right now for $26.00 on their website!

WindPro "The Vine"

Number 7 is the gift that we get asked more about than any other item we use, Windpro! Their Mock Scrape System is how we get just about all of our trail cam pics in the midwest from July to January when the camera is not on a feeder. However, this year they have made it easier with "The Vine". We were lucky enough to get a couple of the prototypes and have gotten some great pics of some giants with them this summer. Its around $30, if you can find it, they have sold way more than anticipated and I found them on Sportsman's Guide earlier. It comes with one scent puffer and basically gives anyone a chance to put a licking branch wherever they want it! I believe they have hit a home run with this one.

The Dummy Line

And last but not least, probably the best read in the hunting world, THE DUMMY LINE by Bobby Cole. I know not everyone has the patience to read a book, I'm not a big reader myself but long days in the stand enabled me to find the time! I am proud to call Bobby Cole a good friend and this book has been enjoyed by a lot of people and will draw you in like only a good book can! Under $20 on Amazon, Gamekeepersclub.com, or download the audio book on iTunes!

I could go on and on with gift ideas but these are 8 items I know just about anybody would be happy with. Merry Christmas and I hope I have helped y'all out a little bit and whether or not the hunter in your life has been good or bad this year, everybody likes unwrapping a Christmas present on the 25th! - Jeff Lindsey

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