• Jeff Lindsey

4 More Months Until Deer Season Opens!

As I sit here on Memorial Day Weekend, reflecting on all of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country, I can't help but be extremely humbled and thankful to live in this great nation and partake in its natural resources!

Anytime the calendar almost turns to the 1st of the month, I automatically go into math mode figuring out how many months until deer season. Well, June 1st is 4 months until opening day here in Iowa. To put that in to perspective, 4 months ago we were picking out Valentine's cards and what candy we were going to get our significant other.

Turkey season is over, our spring crops are planted and next month we will start putting out our Reconyx cameras, hoping for big gains on our mature bucks!

I will be putting in long weeks the next few months at our real jobs, trying to pay for the habit and hopefully can squeeze in a vacation to keep the wife happy!

Enjoy the holiday, God Bless America and take time to respect the fallen! ~ Jeff

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