David and Jeff


Growing up in the South, the Lindseys learned early in life that hunting is an important part of their heritage. It gave them a chance to combine some of their favorite things: family, friends, and nature. 

The Lindsey Way features David and Jeff Lindsey as they share their way of life, passion, and stories about the whitetails they hunt. 


Mossy Oak Bottomland
David & Jeff Lindsey nature

David and Jeff got their start filming with Drury Outdoors in 2006, where they competed on Dream Season for four years. At one time, they held the honor of taking the largest wild whitetail ever on video.

These roots spawned the Lindsey's desire to do more than just have a camera in the tree to capture the hunts. They wanted to document the stories of the bucks they hunted and show their lifestyle that revolves around whitetails to the viewers. 


Mossy Oak Bottomland
deer antler

The Lindsey Way seeks to thrill the audience through high-end cinematography and entertainment, as they chase the animals they love while showcasing their hard work and determination. They vow to pass this legacy on to all that come after them and now have their sights set on showing the world, The Lindsey Way.



Mossy Oak Bottomland
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